The Yankees. The Dodgers. Arthur Avenue. Flatbush Avenue. City Island. Coney Island. Orchard Beach. Brighton Beach. Each borough has its icons and its heroes, its beaches and its gardens. Each has a distinct identity. But how have these identities been forged? And is the Brooklyn-Bronx rivalry still alive today?

I Heart Bx/Bk brings together New York natives and experts to explore these questions and celebrate the particularities, and the greatness, of two boroughs that have shaped and defined not only New York City, but also our selves. Storytellers, poets, historians, musicians, writers, and artists from Brooklyn and the Bronx share their borough love through stories, songs, poetry and art that show us what their hometowns mean to them.

This program aims to increase historical awareness and strengthen community connections in the outer boroughs of New York City. I Heart Bx/Bk utilizes the power of stories to change the lens through which we view others, create a basis for empathy, heal divisive rifts and show us that we are not that different after all.


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